This website was originally designed for my kitty cat, Brittney, when she was a kitten. Things change - this cute little kitten grew up to be a "Big Cat". We're (me and my cat) are from Jacksonville, FL, and with a way more than casual interest in the Jacksonville Jaguars, I incorporated the Jaguars schedule in to the website, since (among other reasons) the Jacksonville Jaguars are also known as the "Big Cats". Well, my brother lives in Nashville and I have an old radio buddy who also lives in Nashville, so I included the Tennessee Titans schedule also. Well it got to looking pretty good, so I just included all of the NFL team schedules, and then it just kind'a got away from me and landed up being a pretty full featured NFL tracking website, starring my cat, Brittney, in North FL, hence the site name "" and then click on the .